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Arena Rental Rules

  1. NO PETS are allowed loose on the rodeo grounds. Dogs must be leashed or in your vehicles.
  2. NO PETS OR LIVESTOCK allowed on the grass hill seating areas by either arena or building.
  3. NO TRAILERS allowed to be parked by the community building.
  4. PICK UP ALL GARBAGE and trash on the rodeo grounds property and place in dumpsters by noon the following day.
  5. REPLACE ALL BLACK GARBAGE CANS by the dumpsters and keep them 2-3 feet apart so the truck can pick them up.
  6. REMOVE ALL GARBAGE from the rodeo office and crow’s nest to the dumpsters.
  7. NO CLEANING OUT OF TRAILERS in the parking areas.
  8. ALL GATES in the arena and back pens need to be shut.
  9. ALL WATER HYDRANTS and LIGHTS need to be shut off.
  10. NO HORSES OR LIVESTOCK are to be left in the arena.
  11. Porta Potties will be rented for the event and Renter is responsible for the expense
  12. The stalls need to be cleaned out and the manure piled up in the cement area
  13. If default occurs on any of these rules the “Renter” will FORFEIT the DEPOSIT

I have on this _____ day of __________________, 20____, received and read a copy of the above requirements for the use of the Killdeer Saddle Club Arena Complex with regard to my rental for (event) ___________________________________________ on the date of ________________________.



Killdeer Saddle Club

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